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The Botanical Collection

Custom Birth Prints

Timeless pieces of art celebrating your baby’s birth.

Unique, custom birth prints to keepsake your child’s Name, Birth Date, Birth Weight, Birth Height and Time of Birth on your wall forever. Our botanical-inspired collection includes scandi leaf designs that are scaled 1:1 to the height of your child’s Birth Height.


Mother Maker Lover Collector.

Euphoria House prints are designed for those that are interested in displaying a treasured keepsake of their child’s birth that suits modern home decor.

The idea for our Botanical Custom Birth Prints stemmed from our love of greenery and absolute adoration of our children. We are always inspired by what Mother Nature provides us and are lucky to live in tropical North Queensland, Australia, where our favourite plants thrive.

Treasure your baby’s birth and look good doing it. Happy shopping, friends.


Fern Frond – Lined

Custom Birth Print


Remember just how small your beautiful baby was when they were born with our customised Fern Birth Print with 1:1 height scale image.

Size:ย A2
Delivery:ย Custom Birth Prints are shipped rolled up in a secure, cardboard post pack. We recommend organising an A2 frame or poster hanger for display.